From Chaos Comes Order

There is a lot of information out there – so much in fact it’s nearly impossible to make sense of it all. Until now. Point connects you with your information in ways that allow you to actually use it and extract it’s true value.

From document management, to field data collection in mobile apps, solve your information chaos using technology to integrate Intelligent Information Management software with powerful GIS solutions in real-time.

The best part of course, is it’s all traceable, reliable, and verifiable with smart-built solutions that were designed and developed to give you total trust in your information.

Every Point solution is stunningly simple while providing you best-in-class business analytics and intelligence you need to make the right decisions.

Powerful, informed business decisions.

Intelligent Information
Management (IIM)

Document Management

Mobile Data Collection

Powerful GIS Solutions


You can record and look through paperwork and have data transcribed into a spreadsheet — or you can use Point’s TRACKit™ for field-centric, real-time collection and reporting to make informed decisions.

TRACKit™ utilizes Esri software and our deep understanding of field activities to give you reports you can use today. All reports are fully customizable into powerful, operational dashboards designed to keep key members of your team in the loop when there are issues in the field.

Automatically kickoff workflows and get real-time notifications with pictures, text, and location information.


Your information is everywhere. It’s in various systems, network directories, SharePoint, file-sharing services, ECM systems, CRM’s, ERP’s, and probably a dozen other business repositories and services scattered hither and yon.

Simplify your life with FINDit™ — a world-leading integration between documents and information and automation, allowing you to seamlessly navigate unstructured document and content across multiple platforms using a simple interface.

Manage everything in a simple and unified experience to intelligently find, access, and control information from any system, without disturbing people or your current work processes.


Do you need Big Company GIS for your small- to medium-sized company because you need to make the best decisions from your location data? Or maybe you are looking for intelligent pipeline routing and surface asset site selection? No problem.

In one consolidated offering, Point’s MAPit™ delivers a web-based interface allowing you to see and interact with multiple datasets in dynamic maps the user can control — including real-time views of all data being collected.

A simple, elegant, and intuitive map-based method of accessing information.


You’ve got a meeting to discuss the meeting about the meeting. Now you’re struggling with change-orders worth more than the project? Scope-creep is out of control, project timelines aren’t being met, and Regulatory compliance is a nightmare.

Rest easy with WORKit™ — a collaborative team of industry experts utilizing an advanced information management system designed to effectively communicate with all stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of a project.

The WORKit team provides you with peace of mind providing support and trusted real-time information in project planning, contractor management, mobile information collection, integrity QA/QC, document management, and many other energy project services.

Access to experience and information like you’ve never seen before.

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